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June 29, 2005

The Spaghettie Incident?

music guns 'n' roses
This was great music. Too bad all good bands come to an end.

When I first listened to the The Spaghetti Incident? I knew that Guns N’ Roses would soon be over. I was not clear as to what had ended the mystique that had started as the band that was destined to rule the world of rock and roll. I knew that egos were getting over inflated and that the drinking and partying was getting the best of the rock stars fulfilling the old cliché of that lifestyle. Guns N’ Roses like the Sex Pistols of the last generation changed music for me. I remember listening to them and being mesmerized by their videos. I could only wish to be as cool as Slash, his guitar really made me appreciate the band. When the band split I felt a void that only Nirvana filled, but then, after that no, other band has truly rocked for me.


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Posted on June 29, 2005 10:43 AM by nirvan157.
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